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  • Local authority liaison

  • Planning strategies

  • Master Planning

  • Campus Strategies

  • Local government planning reports

  • Tenancy selection advice

  • Tenancy planning evaluation

  • Tenancy interior planning

  • Furniture and accessory design and selection

  • Materials, fabric and colour selection

  • Graphic design

  • Selection and integration of artworks

  • Signage and wayfinding

  • Project Management

  • Concept and developed design

  • Documentation and specification preparation

  • Tender preparation and evaluation

  • Preparation, letting and administration contracts

  • Computer-generated artwork and graphic presentations including 3D visualisation

  • Measured drawings

  • Conservation plans

  • Heritage studies

  • Adaptive re-use studies

  • Site selection and evaluation

  • Project feasibility studies

  • Building code evaluation and coordination of consultants

  • Preparation of brief

  • Post-occupancy evaluation

  • Tenancy & building reports

  • Signage and wayfinding

Begin your architectural journey with confidence by scheduling a complimentary one-hour consultation at our office. During this personalised session, you'll have the opportunity to meet directly with one of our skilled Architects, allowing us to gain valuable insights into your vision and objectives.

To ensure that our meeting is as productive as possible, we kindly request that you provide some key details in advance, including:


  • Site location

  • Total project budget

  • Timeframes for completion

  • Your specific expectations

  • Type of building

  • Scope of work

  • Relevant photos

  • Any questions or concerns you may have. 


During our consultation, we'll delve into a range of essential topics, including:


  • Architectural services

  • Cost Management

  • Estimated project timelines

  • Identification of additional consultants required for project synergy

  • Required authority approvals

  • How to arrange a builder.


Please note that while our initial consultation is designed to provide valuable guidance and insights, it is not intended for detailed design analysis or cost breakdowns. Instead, it serves as a pivotal first step towards realising your architectural vision.

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