Kedron, Queensland
29_Leckie_Road_Residence_(2) 29_Leckie_Road_Residence_(3) 32_Leckie_Road_Residence_(1) 58_Leckie_Road_Residence_(4)
MWA were approached by a young family who had outgrown their existing timber “Queenslander” house. To the rear of their existing house lay a long narrow parcel of land with separate street access affording the possibility to build a new residence and subdivide and sell the existing to assist with funds. The key challenges of the project was the long and narrow, eight meter, wide site with neighbouring timber residences abutting both side boundaries and the brief requirement for car accommodation including a vintage car workshop, both of which held significant implications for the provision of practical internal and external living spaces while maintaining compliance with stringent council side boundary setback and site cover requirements.

Our approach was to split the building into public and private volumes and separate these with the primary outdoor living space or courtyard. This strategy enabled practical compliance with council open space requirements that was integral to the every day functioning of the house, adding a richness to the experience of the building. The courtyard provides a focus for the interior spaces; it enables greater access to natural light and ventilation which can be difficult on such a narrow site; by utilising the required side boundary setbacks for entry into the site the courtyard becomes the primary welcome space or foyer, adding an urbanesque experience sequence to the entry into the building driven by the juxtaposition of a varied experiences as one moves between the street, the narrow laneway side entry, and into the courtyard; the courtyard provides an anchor from which the internal and external circulation spines of the house emanate, reinforcing the relationship between the outdoor space and the occupation and use of the building.


September 2011



Development approval