Hamilton, Brisbane

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Having graced the hill side of Hamilton for over 100 years, MWA were engaged to remodel this existing stately residence to meet the requirements of its new owner without undermining its character. The project brief centred upon rationalising spaces that had been added in an ad hoc manner by various owners over the house’s long history, upgrading and modernising facilities, developing relationships between internal and external living spaces and providing adequate car accommodation.

In terms of maintaining the character of the original residence, the provision of car accommodation for eight cars proved to be the one of the more contentions matters. Originally having been constructed in an era largely oblivious to the automobile, MWA’s solution was to submerge the car parking beneath the front lawn space to conceal the impact of what is a largely inconsistent form. This strategy enabled the front landscape space to be maintained and reinforced the formal nature of the forecourt lawn and gardens. At street level, and assisted by the slope of the site, the car park walls and door read as if they were the original boundary wall.

Images | Mindy Cook


July 2006



Completed September 2010