Kingsthorpe, Queensland

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MWA were engaged to design and procure the public interface for a fledgling darling downs winery. The rural site was also home to Gowrie Mountain Homestead and featured sweeping views of the surrounding agricultural plains and Gowrie Mountain. The facility was to be staged and included wine tasting & cellar door facilities, souvenir retail, craft and gourmet market space, fine dining & casual restaurants and provisions for a marquee accommodating up to 150 seated guests and kitchen and services facilities sufficient to cater for all restaurants and functions simultaneously.

The design proposal explored the agricultural nature of the wine making process and referenced heavily the village nature of an agricultural cluster of buildings as a metaphor for creating a mini village or campus. The various functions were accommodated in barn like pavilions addressing a common square, a strategy which lent itself readily to staging the works and to future growth. Spatial differentiation between the program elements was driven was driven by the relationships between the various program elements and the views across the vineyards into the landscape. For example in the wine tasting room where the focus in on the sense of taste and smell the relationship with outside is limited to smaller windows making the view a relief from the process of tasting. On the other hand the landscape and view becomes the backdrop to a meal and the architectural aperture between the diner and the landscape is maximised accordingly.


May 2007



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